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Phase 2 - Input
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Phase 2 is the Input stage of the RGS Review Process.  It's the chance for you to tell us about your hopes and concerns for the future.  To hear what you had to say, we held six open houses in communities around the region, two open houses on UFV campuses, and conducted an Opinion Survey.  We gathered some very valuable information about the issues that are a priority for you.


In addition to seeking input from the public, a series of technical forums and workshops have been designed to gather input on specific RGS topics from local municipal staff and politicians, as well as a wide range of key organizations and agencies. The presentations and summary reports for these workshops are located in the sidebar on the right.

Aging Forum

The first forum focused on aging and examined the challenges our Region faces with a growing senior population.  Topics discussed included:

  • Adequate & Affordable Housing
  • Access to Services
  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Social Connectivity
  • Healthy Living
  • Cost & Opportunities of Aging

Intergovernmental Advisory Committee Workshop

The goal for this workshop was to identify common objectives and priorities for the future of our region and it focussed on RGS specific topics such as:

  • Transportation
  • Community Building
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure & Services
  • Living Well

An Energy Council of Councils forum to discuss community efforts to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions was also held recently. The presentations and final report will be posted shortly.

Keep checking back here for updates.  If you have any questions or comments, please email them to