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Welcome to the Fraser Valley Regional District. Our region is about 14,000 square kilometers in size and has an ever growing population of 280,210 residents. With our close proximity to Greater Vancouver, demands for outdoor recreation are growing as fast as the population in many of the region's communities.

Over the past few years, the Fraser Valley Regional District has been very progressive in establishing its Regional Parks system. Whether you live close by or far away, we encourage you to take advantage of what our Regional Parks system has to offer. Our parks range from natural wetlands to majestic waterfalls to alpine trails and offer fishing, boat launches, wildlife viewing, day use and overnight opportunities.

Visitors to the region will enjoy matchless beauty in a superb natural setting. The Fraser River and the Chilliwack/Vedder River, without a doubt, provide some of the most significant fresh water fishing opportunities in British Columbia.

We are proud of our Regional Parks and look forward to meeting the challenges that outdoor recreation brings in the future.



The Fraser Valley Regional District will establish, develop, and maintain a Regional Parks system that provides diversity of protected natural and cultural landscapes, and supports appropriate outdoor recreational activities to enhance the quality of life of its residents.



Wildlife Viewing Tips

Bald Eagle - G. Gadsden photo

The Fraser Valley Regional District is home to a countless array of wildlife species. Click here to see some wildlife viewing tips.

Park Safety and Etiquette

Cheam Ridge Trail - G. Gadsden photo

  It is important to be safe while enjoying the outdoors but to also consider some etiquette and guidelines to ensure the well-being of the park. Click here for more information.