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At the Fraser Valley Regional District, mapping is synonymous with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is used to question, understand, and view what features are in relation to where they are. GIS plays an important role at the Regional District; it is utilized by all Regional District departments as well as by a variety of local and provincial government agencies, private sector groups, and members of the public.

Online Services:
Currently, the GIS Group provides two online services for public use. These services include an interactive web map as well as a series of indexed road maps. To experience the Regional Information Map, please click here. To access the indexed road maps, please click here.

Sample Maps:
Examples of the types of maps completed by the GIS Group can be seen below. Each map was created for a particular purpose and showcases different datasets. Hardcopies of these maps, and similar products, are available for purchase from the GIS Group.

FVRD General Location Map FVRD General Location Map
Datasets Showcased: Satellite photograph, jurisdictional boundaries
Purpose: To provide the general location of Regional District boundaries and communities
Water Service Area Map - Bell Acres Water Service Area Map – Bell Acres
Datasets Showcased: Aerial photograph, cadastral base map, water utility infrastructure
Purpose: To identify features of the Bell Acres water system
Hillshade Map - Deroche Hillshade Map - Deroche
Datasets Showcased: LiDAR hillshade, cadastral base map
Purpose: To show the topography surrounding properties in the Deroche area

Contact Information:
If you are interested in learning more about the exciting work that the GIS Group is involved in or if you would like to request a service, please contact the GIS Group.