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ALL INCLUSIVE PASS RATES - Access the gym, pool, arena and our regular fitness classes listed on the Arena/Gym/Pool schedule below at one low rate!

                         1 Month        3 Month      6 Month    1 Year   
Student (14-18):   $57.25         $127.50       $220.00     $394.50
Adult (19-54):       $69.25         $157.00       $278.00     $511.00        
Senior (55+):        $63.75         $142.25       $229.25     $413.00



Deep Water Aqua Fit
This class is conducted primarily in the deep end of the pool with floatation belts to keep you buoyant while exercising. These classes are a great way to improve both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. With minimal impact on the joints, this class is great for those with arthritis, osteoporosis or anyone who is rehabilitation from an injury. Aquafit is also an excellent method of cross training.

Sizzlin' Shallow Aqua Fit
This is a well balanced water class primarily conducted in the shallow end of the pool. This class is ideal for mature adults who enjoy having some fun while working out, but also great for women and men of varying ages and abilities.


Winter Facility Schedule - Effective February 18.pdf

Winter Program Guide.pdf

School Usage Calendar - October to June.pdf