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Fitness Centre
The cardio room features elliptical trainers, treadmills, bikes, a stair climber and a rower. The weight room has a variety of free weights including a power rack and bench press.  There is also a stretching area with mats, body balls, BOSUS and medicine balls.

If you would like help to get started, our fitness specialist can meet with you to create a customized fitness program. We also have several structured programs, such as cardio and yoga classes to help you reach your personal fitness goals. See class descriptions and the facility schedule link below.
Free Gym Orientation
If you are new to our facility and/or want to learn correct form and safe methods, make sure to sign up for a free gym orientation with one of our knowledgeable, highly qualified instructors. You will be given a tour of the fitness centre and shown how to properly use the equipment.  First-time gym users between the ages of 13 and 15 are required to have an orientation.
Contact our helpful Customer Service Representatives at the front desk to set up your appointment. 

Deep Water Aquafit
This class is conducted primarily in the deep end of the pool with floatation belts to keep you buoyant while exercising. These classes are a great way to improve both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Shallow Aquafit
This is a well balanced water class that is conducted primarily for those that enjoy having some fun while working out.

Get 3 workout in one class for a total body workout. 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes core and stretch.

If you like to work hard and are ready for a new challenge this class is for you. A qualified instructor will provide those who are new or have been previously injured with all the necessary modifications making it a great class for beginners or advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Core and Stretch
As the name implies, this class will focus on strength and flexibility and will largely be performed on a mat and may include equipment such as a Swiss Ball and BOSU. You can also expect to learn some Pilates based exercised which will target your abdominals in a very effective way.

Spin Cycle
A great low impact cardio workout that allows you to choose how hard you want to work by the resistance you set on your bike. The instructor will lead you through a series of drills to upbeat music to keep you motivated while you are cycling.

Yoga Flow
Yoga and Pilates combined in a mindful class to challenge the strength and flexibility of the body and at the same time improve balance, posture, breathing capacity and brain function. This is an effective combination class that will leave you feeling like your body and mine have received tremendous benefit.

Yoga Lite
This is a flow yoga class that will offer you modifications for days you require it and still challenge your mind and body connection. This class will finish with floor stretching and relaxation.

Spring Facility Schedule - May 5.pdf

Spring Program Guide.pdf

School Usage Calendar - October to June.pdf