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Recreation, Culture and Airpark Services is responsible for the delivery of service with regard to various sport and leisure programming and cultural events in the community and surrounding areas.

Recreation, Culture and Airpark Services Commission's mandate is to ensure that recreation programs offered in the region are suitable, fiscally responsible and meet rigid safety criteria.  The Commission provides vision and direction with respect to infrastructure, maintenance and operation of Hope Arena, Dan Sharrers Aquatic Centre and Fitness Facility at the Recreation Centre.  The Commission also manages Almer Carlson Pool, an outdoor pool in operation from June to August of every year, located in Boston Bar/North Bend, BC as well as the area's tennis courts. 

Commission members live in Hope, Sunshine Valley, Yale and Boston Bar and therefore very cognizant of the needs of the their region.  Your Hope Recreation Commission board members are:

Lloyd Forman, Chair, Electoral Area A
Ed Araki, Vice Chair, District of Hope 
Susan Johnston, Commissioner, District of Hope 
Dennis Adamson, Commissioner, Electoral Area B
Bronwyn Punch, Member at Large, Electoral Area B
Johanna Coughlin, Member at Large, District of Hope
Mike Freimark, Member at Large, Electoral Area B


Winter Facility Schedule and Rates - effective Jan. 22.pdf

Winter Program Guide.pdf

School Usage Calendar - October to June.pdf