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E911 and Regional Fire Dispatch
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The FVRD provides Enhanced 911 (E911) service for emergency telephone access to police, fire, or ambulance agencies.

The FVRD also provides Regional Fire Dispatch and Emergency Communications Services.

E911 is a fully redundant, highly available, emergency telephone service that provides three digit dialing access to Police, Fire, and Ambulance. There are two E911 answering points, one is located in Abbotsford, the other in Chilliwack. The two centres work together to ensure all E911 calls will be answered promptly at all times and particularly during times of high call volume, disaster, or communication failures.

Participating Agencies:




  • Abbotsford Police Department
  • Chilliwack RCMP Detachment
  • Agassiz RCMP Detachment
  • Hope RCMP Detachment
  • Boston Bar RCMP Detachment
  • Sumas Freeway Patrol
  • Hope Highway patrol
  • Mission RCMP Detachment
    • City of Chilliwack Fire Department
    • Boston Bar/North Bend Vol. Fire Department
    • Hope & District Volunteer Fire Departments
    • Harrison Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department
    • Hemlock Valley Volunteer Fire Department
    • Chilliwack River Valley Volunteer Fire Department
    • Yale and District Volunteer Fire Department
    • Columbia Valley Volunteer Fire Department
    • Popkum Volunteer Fire Department
    • Kent, Agassiz Volunteer Fire Department
    • Cultus Lake Volunteer Fire Department
    • North Fraser Volunteer Fire Department
    • Mission Fire Rescue Service
    • Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service
    • Seabird Island Fire Department
    • Chilliwack
    • Agassiz
    • Hope
    • Boston Bar
    • Mission
    • Abbotsford