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Effective March 1st, 2010, there will be a change in the way in which E911 Services are funded. Prior to March 1st, the FVRD E911 Service area was funded through property taxation. Each property in the FVRD was taxed for E911 Services.

On March 1st, 2010, E911 Services will begin to be funded by an E911 Call Answer Levy and the property tax applied by properties will be dramatically reduced. The call answer levy is a fee collected by landline telephone service providers. The fees collected will be paid to the Fraser Valley Regional District to cover the cost of operating the emergency service. The costs include accommodation and equipment for the E911 call answer centres, E911 call answering staff, specialized equipment and software required to accurately route the calls to the emergency agencies.

In short, the E911 operating costs remain the same but the source of revenue is shifted from property taxes to the subscriber landline telephones within the Regional District.

Each landline telephone service provider will collect $0.72 per telephone line per month, $0.65 of which is paid to the Regional District and $0.07 is the fee to the telephone company for the billing service. The Call Answer Levy is in addition to the E911 Provincial Platform fee of $0.14 previously collect by all telephone carriers and provides funding for the provincial network and database.

The Call Answer Levy does not apply to cellular telephones.

E911 telephone calls remain free to residents and non-residents whether made from a landline telephone, cellular telephone, or from a public coin operated telephone.

The FVRD is positioning itself to meet present and future changes and challenges in communications technology, as well as minimize financial impact on property taxes.

Additional information relating to the Call Answer Levy - CRTC Tariff 21461, (Item 203.2D "Local Government Authority Call Answer Levy"), can be found at:

or by calling;

Randy Castle - Manager of Communications & Technology
Paul Gipps, Chief Administrative Officer, 
Fraser Valley Regional District at 604-702-5000, toll free 1-800-528-0061.