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The FVRD provides Animal Control services within the boundaries of the City of Chilliwack. These services include dog licensing, enforcement of FVRD Animal Control Regulation Bylaw No. 1206, 2013, management of an animal control facility, and a pet adoption service.

Dog Licences

All dogs, six months or older, must be licensed.  Licences can be purchased by completing the Dog Licence Application form and submitting it, along with the appropriate fee, to the FVRD either:

  • in person at 45950 Cheam Avenue, Chilliwack
  • by mail to 45950 Cheam Avenue, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1N6

Licences must be renewed on an annual basis.  Renewal notices are mailed at the end of the year.  Please note if you are applying for a Dog Licence for a spayed or neutered dog, you must provide proof of spaying or neutering.

Licence Fees

 Dog Licence - NOT Spayed/Neutered (each)


 Dog Licence -  Spayed/Neutered (each)


 Nuisance Dog Licence(each)


 Licence Transfer Fee


 Licence Tag Replacement Fee


 Aggressive/Dangerous Dog (each)


Some exemptions apply.  Any owner of a dog used by a government law enforcement agency is exempt from the provision of a licensing requirement of this Bylaw, and owners of a dog used as a guide animal pursuant to the Guide Animal Act, as amended, are exempt from the licensing fees set out in this Bylaw.

So, what do you get for investing in a dog licence?  In a word SAFETY.


shelter - if we find your lost dog, we will provide shelter for it until we can contact you.  

A avoid paying an impound fee - when we pick up a licenced dog wearing its tag, we call you immediately.  If you can meet our officers at your home, we won't charge an impound fee for the first pick up.
F food - we feed and look after dogs in our care.
E extra services - revenue from licensing is used to fund all sorts of extra services, including paying for the Animal Control Officers who:
   - patrol city streets and parks keeping them free of lost and stray dogs,
   - protect the public from dangerous dogs.
T tracking - when you license your dog, your contact information is entered in our database so we can find you quickly and easily.
Y Yes, you really do need one!  Aside from all the benefits listed above, it's a bylaw requirement to license your dog. 

FVRD Animal Control Regulation Bylaw No. 1206

The the responsibilities of pet owners are outlined in the Animal Control Regulation Bylaw.  Pet owners are responsible for the welfare, safety and behaviour of their pets.  FVRD Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing the regulations contained in the bylaw and responding to complaints from the public.

Animal Control Facility

44820 Wolfe Road
Chilliwack, BC

Mailing Address
Fraser Valley Regional District
45950 Cheam Avenue
Chilliwack, BC  V2P 1N6

Through Commissionaires BC, the FVRD is reponsible for the operation and management of an Animal Control Facility.  This facility temporarily houses lost, stray and impounded dogs.  The dedicated staff provides quality medical care, nutrition, socialization and exercise to the dogs in their care.  Some of these dogs are waiting to be claimed by their owners, while others are being evaluated to determine their adoption needs.

Facility Hours

The Animal Control facility is open to the public by appointment only.  It operates Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  Please call 604-795-4638 or email to arrange a visit.

Pet Adoption Service

Animal Control also offers a pet adoption service.  Each dog that needs to be re-homed is carefully evaluated with the goal of finding the perfect match for dog and owner alike.  Check out the dogs currently available for adoption.

Pet ownership is a serious commitment and there are a number of steps to follow if you are interested in adopting a dog. 

You will need to:

To cover the costs of housing, food and medical care, a minimum adoption donation of $200 is requested.  This donation also includes a tattoo, micro-chip, DHPP vaccination and ear cleaning.