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The FVRD's objective is to achieve excellent air quality.


The FVRD has air quality planning authority and operates under the 1998 Air Quality Management Plan. A revised air quality and greenhouse gas management plan is being developed and will be ready in 2015. The FVRD collaborates with Metro Vancouver to monitor air quality in the Lower Fraser Valley (LFV) airshed. Air discharges are regulated by the BC Ministry of Environment.

Lower Fraser Valley Airshed

The FVRD is located in the LFV airshed, surrounded by the Coast Mountains to the north and Cascade Mountains to the east and south (see image below). The airshed is shaped like a funnel that narrows from west to east, which can restrict air movement and pollutant dispersion. Coastal wind patterns can also push pollutants east, resulting in accumulation at the narrow end of the valley.

Lower Fraser Valley Airshed
Image source: 2005 Lower Fraser Valley Emissions Inventory and Forecast and Backcast

Initiatives and Projects

The FVRD, in collaboration with other agencies, undertakes many initiatives to better understand and improve air quality in our region, including:

  • Compiling best management practices for reducing exposure and health burden from traffic emissions.
  • Hosting electric vehicle charging stations and creating an electric vehicle strategy.
  • Hosting a growing network of air quality monitoring stations, with locations in Abbotsford, Agassiz, Chilliwack, and Hope.
  • Improving transit to lower traffic emissions - a new bus route connecting Chilliwack to Abbotsford and Langley was recently announced.
  • Participating in AirCare, a light duty vehicle inspection and maintenance program to reduce emissions, and now investigating options to decrease emissions from heavy duty diesel vehicles.
  • Developing a strategy to reduce ground-level ozone.
  • Contributing to the understanding and public knowledge of visual air quality.
  • Creating an air quality education program for elementary and secondary school students.
  • Participating in interagency Air Quality and Health, Agriculture Nutrient and Air Committees.