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Cascade Falls Regional Park
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Cascade Falls Regional Park is a 22 hectare park located in Electoral Area F just northeast of Mission. The park's main attraction is Cascade Falls, which drops an impressive 30 m into a large pool. From here, Cascade Creek runs into a series of smaller falls within a deeply incised gorge as it drops an additional 18 m to the valley floor to where it empties into Stave Lake. A trail featuring stairs and varying in difficulty from easy to moderate leads to a viewing platform overlooking Cascade Falls. During periods of heavy rain or snowmelt, Cascade Falls water volume is impressive and can be heard from the parking lot.

Amenities include picnic tables and pit toilets. 

WARNING! This area has steep cliffs, slippery rocks and unstable ground. For your own safety, remain on designated trails, obey posted signs and do not cross fences. Cascade Creek is very cold, varies in depth, and is very swift.  Loss of life and serious injury has occurred in areas outside of designated trails.

Suspension Bridge Opening Coming Soon

What are you building?

We are building a suspension bridge across Cascade Creek, just below the Falls. The bridge will lead to a viewing platform that will give you an awe-inspiring view of these spectacular falls.

Will the park be open during construction?

No, in the interests of public safety, the park will be closed to during the construction period. Please check our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Who's footing the bill?

FVRD, Innergex and BC Hydro are all funding this project. Innergex contributed $225,000 for the construction of the suspension bridge and an educational sign on how falling water generates electricity. The FVRD  contributed $57,550 to reconstruct the stairs and bridges that lead to the suspension bridge, while BC Hydro's $5,000 contribution will also be used for education purposes relating to the use of hydro power.

Why is Innergex donating money?

Innergex Renewable Energy is a leading Canadian independent renewable power producer that develops, owns and operates run-of-the-river facilities, wind farms and solar farms in BC, Ontario, Quebec and Idaho. Innergex's mission is to produce clean and renewable energy by developing and operating high quality facilities while respecting the environment and serving their host communities, partners and shareholders. Innergex currently operates 7 run-of-the-river hydroelectric facilities in the FVRD, at the north end of Harrison and Stave Lakes.

By building a suspension bridge that offers stunning views of Cascade Falls, both Innergex and the FVRD hope to encourage more people to enjoy the natural beauty our region offers. By providing educational signage, Innergex also hopes to educate and inspire young minds to think about the role renewable energy can play in their future.

Will construction impact the environment? 

The FVRD works closely with the Department of Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment throughout the construction phase to minimize any environmental impact. An archeological impact assessment was also conducted.

Will you charge a fee to use the bridge?

No. There is no charge to use the bridge, parking or washroom facilities.

Who do I contact for more information?

Christina Vugteveen, Manager of Parks at 604-702-5077
or Troy Jones, Assistant Manager of Parks at 604-702-5048



CLOSED - Please note that Cascade Falls Regional Park is still closed while work on the suspension bridge is finalized. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates. 

Park Hours

Apr 1 - May 31: 8 am - 8 pm,
           weekends only
Jun 1 - Sep 30: 8am - 8pm daily
Oct 1 - Nov 30: 8 am - 8 pm 
           weekends only
Dec 1 - Mar 31: Closed



Rules and Regulations

Trails  Dogs must be leashed  Swim AT OWN RISK - NO LIFEGUARDS  Picnic tables  Bears possible 
Toilets available         
 No horses permitted.