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2011 Election Results
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2011 Local Government Elections
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New! Final Election Results have been posted. Please see our 2011 Election Results Page.

General Information

The conduct of local government elections is governed by Part 3 of the Local Government Act. As per Section 41 of the Act, the Fraser Valley Regional District Board has appointed a Chief Election Officer, Jan Gibson, and a Deputy Chief Election Officer, Pam Loat, to conduct the elections.

2011 Voting Opportunities

Nov 9: Advanced Voting Opportunity (AVO) 8am-8pm
Nov 19: General Voting Opportunity (GVO) 8am-8pm


Contact Information

For enquiries relating to the conduct of FVRD elections:

Pam Loat,
Deputy Chief Election Officer

For enquiries relating to the operation of the FVRD and Electoral Area Director duties:

Suzanne Gresham,
General Manager of Community and Regulatory Services

For more information:

-regarding local government elections in general see: Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development Elections page