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Strategic Review of Transit

The Fraser Valley communities (Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kent, Harrison Hot Springs, and Hope) are growing rapidly as is demand for transit in the region. The FVRD, in partnership with the Province, BC Transit, and Translink, initiated a Strategic Review of Transit in the Fraser Valley, in order to develop a long-range transit vision that supports local community plans, the FVRD's Regional Growth Strategy, and the Provincial Transit Plan. The intent of the study was to provide a series of working papers that form a logical progression in developing a foundation, vision (both regional and municipal) and concept plan for transit throughout the region.

FVRD Trip Diary

Using data from Translink's 2011 survey, the FVRD Trip Diary report explores the increasingly complex travel patterns within the region and throughout the Lower Mainland. The information contained in this document offers a better understanding of where, when, why, and how people are traveling on a daily basis. This knowledge is invaluable as the region continues to work toward building an efficient regional transportation system that meets travel demand, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the creation of healthier communities.

The report is divided into two sections: Regional Trip Analysis and Sub-regional Trip Analysis. The first identifies travel trends and patterns at the regional level. The latter focuses more specifically on each of the sub-regions, which include Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Harrison Hot Springs, Kent, and for the first time, Hope. Each section provides information on trip destinations, trip purpose, trip lengths, and transportation modes (driving, walking, etc.)

The 2011 survey is the latest in a series of transportation surveys going back to 1992. This consistent monitoring enables the FVRD to follow transportation trends, pinpoint areas which may require improvements, and prioritize transportation planning and policy over the long term.