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Tourism Initiatives


Through the Province’s Community Tourism Program, a "Regional Tourism Strategic Workshop" was held to coordinate future tourism initiatives and advance tourism partnerships throughout the Region. At this workshop, Fraser Valley tourism assets were identified and it became clear that from a regional perspective, a unified approach to the region's outdoor recreational opportunities was lacking. Currently underway is a project to produce a Regional District Outdoor Recreation Guide that will feature these great outdoor experiences. With a rise in demand for FVRD outdoor recreational opportunities from both the residents and visitors to this Region, there is a growing need to highlight all the amazing existing outdoor amenities this area has to offer.

Other projects successfully completed under this program include: 

  • site enhancement of the world class Tamihi rapid kayaking run in the Chilliwack River Valley 
  • a “Simon Sees” short, thematic video of the FVRD 
  • a regional partnership with the Circle Farm Tour which offers self guided road map tour of agricultural ventures 
  • promoting the Scenic 7 (Lougheed Highway) as an alternative traveling route to the Trans-Canada Highway 
  • supporting the Fraser Canyon Strategy Group to help with the drafting of a tourism plan 
  • partnering in the creation of tourism master plan for the Hope Regional Airport