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Affordable Housing and Homelessness
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Communities in the FVRD are facing increasing pressures relating to housing affordability, homelessness and other social issues. Over the past few years, housing costs have increased substantially, and the number of people at risk of homelessness is increasing. Local governments, especially small and medium-sized communities do not have the expertise, resources or authority to adequately address these issues.

The issues surrounding affordable housing and homelessness are complex and will require action on the part of all levels of government to address. The FVRD is playing a facilitation role in addressing these issues and in 2007 created a Mayors' Task Force on Homelessness and Affordable Housing.

Since the creation of the Mayor's Taskforce, the FVRD has played a significant role in supporting social and affordable housing initiatives in the region. The Region depends on building partnerships with other agencies, governments and non-profits to achieve its ends.

Most municipalities in the FVRD are using materials provided or supported by the FVRD as the basis of their respective affordable housing and social planning strategies.

Specific initiatives:

Social Housing and Services Inventories (2014)


 Social Housing


 City of Abbotsford



 City of Chilliwack


 District of Mission



 District of Hope


 District of Kent





2014 FVRD Homeless Count